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“I have every confidence that Ken Gray will represent the people in District 39 well in the upcoming legislative session. He is determined to be a strong voice for getting Nevada headed in the right direction.” 

Blayne Osborn

  • Assembly District 39 Assemblyman Jim Wheeler

  • Blayne Osborn

  • The Nevada Republican Party

  • Nevada Firearms Coalition A+ rating

  • Chuck Muth

  • Liberty Watch

  • The Public Safety Alliance of Nevada.  PSAN represents over 10,000 law enforcement and Peace Officers in Nevada.

  • Retired State Senator Don Gustavson

  • The Nevada Veterans Association which represents over 228,000 veterans living in Nevada.

  • Former Assemblyman Jim Marchant

  • Former Assemblywoman Michele Fiore

  • Attorney General Candidate Sigal Chattah

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Washoe County School Police Officer's Association.jpg
Reno Police Protective Association.jpg
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Police Officers Association of Clark County School District.png
North Las Vegas Police Officers Association.jpg
Las Vegas Police Protective Association_
Las Vegas Peace Officer Supervisor Association.jpg
Las Vegas Peace Officers Association.jpg
Carson City Sheriff's Supervisory Association.png
Las Vegas Police Protective Association.tif
Las Vegas Police Managers & Supervisors Association.jpg
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