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Right now the price Nevadans pay for gas, or milk, or just about all the stuff we can’t do without is higher than most of the country as a result of taxation and regulation in Carson city.


Ken has signed the tax pledge, and he won’t vote for any new taxes or wasteful spending, or new regulations  that will increase our cost of living. Smaller government means less regulation, and that means more businesses, more growth and more jobs. 

Second Amendment

A+ rated by the Nevada Firearms Coalition and AQ rated by the NRA.

Shall not be infringed is Ken’s commitment to you on the Second Amendment. Having served overseas in the Air Force and member of the NRA Ken understands firsthand how the Second Amendment keeps us free, and Ken is our steadfast advocate for that right. Ken led the charge to make Lyon County a sanctuary county, to make it perfectly clear that Lyon County would not enforce unconstitutional gun control laws passed by out-of-touch, extremist legislators who live hundreds of miles away.

Safety and Police

Our way of life is kept safe and secure through the great work of our local police and our local governments. I am committed to supporting local policing solutions. Our sheriffs know how to keep their communities safe, and I am committed to supporting them by opposing laws that cut funding or limit policing methods in our communities

Nevada and America First

I will not compromise when it comes to putting Nevada and America First. I’m tired of the interests of Nevadans being sold to the highest bidder against the will of the people. This pandemic has shown that we cannot trust other states or countries to act in the best interest of the people of Nevada, and I will not stand by when our state receives orders from DC that are in direct violation of the Constitution. We can’t allow outsiders to make it harder to raise our families, make ends meet or live our lives just to please out-of-state special interest groups or liberal politicians. I am committed to putting Nevadans first. 

Protect Our Rural Way of Life

Rural Nevada is special and has a way of life you can’t find in Nevada’s big cities. Ken will fight to defend rural Nevada’s God-given rights to protecting our way of life and ensuring local control for our rural communities. 

Election Integrity

Nevada deserves integrity in its elections. As a leader who has been elected twice in Lyon County, Ken knows firsthand how important it is that people have faith in the process used to choose their elected officials. Ken is committed to making sure our elections are fair, free, and the true vote of the people is what chooses our leaders.


Nevada needs to get its children educated, not filled up with ideology about race and sex.  Our ability to deliver a good education has dropped due to teachers being made to take over the responsibilities that belong to parents in directing their children about what their morals should be. The legislature needs to put a stop to this harmful practice that disrupts families.  Teaching core subjects needs a comeback, and I’ll be on the frontline in demanding that.

Limit the Power of the Governor and Unelected Bureaucrats

The pandemic has shown that if we don’t stand up to government overreach, no one will. I believe that the Governor has exceeded the power of his office to restrict our rights, and the legislature must, in the next legislative session, restrict that power. Even more, unelected bureaucrats have a track record of working against the people, knowing that they cannot be held responsible for their actions by the voters. I will advocate for greater restrictions on the actions that can be taken by any individual without a vote of the legislature.

Justice Reform

Crime is on the rise, and we can’t have that.  We need to take a hard look again at justice reform, and we need to work with law enforcement to make sure they have tools to succeed.

Mental Health

Nevada faces a critical mental health crisis, and we must prioritize an increase in services, support, and interventions locally to make sure our friends and neighbors get the help they need locally to get basic services


“I have signed the No Tax Pledge.  I will not vote for any new taxes.  More than that, I will fight to stop any proposed unfair taxes that penalize people who drive long commutes to work, own large parcels, or choose to live in a rural area.”

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